Workplace Safety

Occupational Health Nurses (OHNs) plan and coordinate occupational health and safety programs suitable to the workplace hazards within the organization.  Assisting employers and workers to improve job procedures and adopt safer work practices will have a direct bearing on lower Workers Compensation premiums.


 Provision of Emergency Care

OHNs are qualified to provide emergency care on site for occupational and non-occupational illness and injuries.


WHMIS Education & Training

WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) can be a complicated piece of legislation to apply to specific businesses.  OHNs have thorough understanding of the WHMIS regulation and can assist employers in their worksite application.


Materials Handling

Shoulder and back injuries account for a significant percentage of the employer’s WCB claims.  OHNs assist management and workers to promote safe lifting and transferring techniques to prevent the frequency and severity of these injuries.


Personal & Protective Equipment                                           

In industries, legislation requires the use of certain personal protective equipment (PPE).  The OHN will advise management on the selection of the appropriate PPE and provide the workers training in correct fit and use.


Accident Investigation

It is essential to understand why, when and how an accident happened to prevent its reoccurrence.  An un-investigated accident WILL happen again.  Safety in the workplace is everyone’s responsibility!  An OHN can provide training and re-education about job safety.  The OHN works with employers and workers to emphasize that prevention and control of workplace hazards will reduce accidents and injuries.


Environmental Issues

Providing a safe working environment for employees is vital to their health.  OHNs will investigate and make recommendations on factors that may have an effect on the environment, such as noise, air quality and use of chemicals.
A Publication of Manitoba Occupational Health Nurses Interest Group