Program Development: What are Your Company's Needs?

An occupational health nurse (OHN) has the experience to develop programs in any of the following areas.  Improving the health and work safety of all employees in any company will be a financial asset.  Can you ignore this fact?  You can afford an OHN!


Ø      Health and safety programs

Ø      Hazard identification and WHMIS training

Ø      Ergonomic assessments to prevent repetitive strain injuries

Ø      Accident investigation and injury prevention

Ø      CPR, First Aid training

Ø      Due diligence, duty to accommodate

Ø      WCB, disability management, return to work programs

Ø      Policy development, statistical health and safety data

Ø      Environmental issues: air quality, noise, chemical monitoring

Ø      Stress, work & family balance counselling

Ø      Disaster planning

Ø      Blood pressure screening

Ø      Employee assistance programs

Ø      Specific health monitoring, such as lung function tests and blood lead levels

Ø      Smoking cessation

Ø      Hearing conservation

Ø      Employment medical health monitoring

Ø      Musculoskeletal injury prevention

Ø      Nurse/management consultation

Ø      Health promotion/lifestyle management