Usual Meeting Schedule

    MOHNIG normally has 3 meetings with speakers including an AGM. We alternate morning with an early evening meeting and have conference call capability so outside of Winnipeg can call in. This may depend on the place of the meeting but we try to have it so all can call in.
    MOHNIG is looking to partner with other Health and Safety related nursing and other groups for educational opportunities in Manitoba
   Dates and places are confirmed in Red. See details on "the upcoming events page"
   2018-19 Dates
  February 12, 2018
  Room 103 Union Centre 275 Broadway.
  Morning Meeting 0830-1030
  Coffee networking, general meeting 0830-0915
  Speaker at 0930-1030.
   Friday May 25, 2018  AGM afternoon lunch,  AGM and educations session
   Place: TBD
   1200-1300 lunch
   1300-1400 AGM, elections and reports Note: President position is up for election
   1400-1530 Education session 
  September     TBD (often at CRNM)
  Evening Meeting 1700-1900
  1700-1730 snack and networking
  1730-1800 general meeting
  1800-1900 Speaker










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