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Statement of Purpose

Manitoba’s occupational health nurses are individually and jointly dedicated to the prevention of occupational illness and injury and promotion and maintenance of the health of workers in all occupations.  Occupational health nursing is a specialty within the broader profession of nursing and requires special skills and knowledge in the fields of occupational health and safety education, counseling, environmental health, rehabilitation, human resources and ergonomics.  The Occupational Health Nurse acts as the liaison between the workplace and the community in issues related to occupational illnesses and injuries.


The Manitoba Occupational Health Nurses Interest Group, therefore, serves the following purposes:


1.         Acts as a resource for occupational health nurses by:

            (a)   direct means through educational programs designed for occupational health nurses.

            (b)   providing a forum for a problem sharing and problem solving process to deal with individual or general concerns.


2.         Acts as an organized body that can represent the overall interests and concerns of occupational health nurses in Manitoba as a group, to governments, professional associations, educational institutions, and other bodies that may set policy or have concerns regarding occupational health.


3.            Provides education to the public, governments, and other disciplines concerning occupational health issues and the role of the occupational health nurse.